Two beautifully complementary courses

These two one-day courses complement each other beautifully:

NO KNEELING: bring a dynamic new element to your work and have the option to throw away your kneeling pillow. Whether you want to avoid kneeling due to pre-existing conditions, or simply want more flexibility in your work, this is a great day.

SIDE POSITION: learn how to deliver NO HANDS to clients lying on their side - including the all-important draping! Great for clients with limited mobility, who are pregnant or who want deep work on their legs. Please note this is not a pregnancy massage training.

Pre-requisites: you must have completed the NO HANDS PRACTITIONER training to attend these courses

These courses are offered by licenced instructors around the UK. Contact them direct for details of their next available dates:  

Looking for the full NO HANDS PRACTITIONER training? Click here

What students are saying about these courses:


Erika Louhivuori: "For me this training was about making every treatment into a two stroke treatment and a great reminder to keep it simple. A great way to deliver a systemic massage experience to my clients. As a client the side position felt extremely comfortable and safe and I can see this working very well for Trauma Discharge Massage clients as well as pregnant clients, but also anyone interested in a really soothing and comforting treatment."


Erika Louhivuori: "It was great to learn new ways of working. It will allow me to work in a more variable way and therefore protect me even further from injuring myself while I work. LOVED the last stroke we learnt! It became an absolute favourite of mine to receive, and I can't wait to offer such a powerful stroke to my clients. Would recommend this training for anyone interested in broadening their way of working."

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