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Free Resources to Build your Resilience

Build your resilience and wellbeing with this set of tried-and-tested FREE resources.

Learn NO HANDS Anywhere!

Extensive library of video footage and key learning points so you can start protecting your career TODAY

Free Resources for Touch Professionals

Whatever bodywork modality you're trained in, these resources are for you - completely free!

Connect. Touch. Laugh. Learn.

There's only one thing to say: Be There!

Learn NO HANDS Massage

Begin your NO HANDS Massage journey today!

Communication Essentials for Therapists

Psychologically informed communication-training for potent treatments.

A great addition to every clinic

Bring a new level of ease to your treatments with this robust but comfy stool.

Unique Clinical Support

True Continuing Professional Development on this year-long programme.

The Professional Community like No Other

Get Connected. Get Supported.
Stay Resilient.

The Gateway to Mastery

Continue the journey to ADVANCED and learn the powerful 4ELEMENTS treatments

Helping YOU help others

Learn about our affiliate programme and earn CASH MONEY!

Treat lower back, abdominal & systemic issues

Take your ADVANCED NO HANDS knowledge and learn the powerful NO HANDS COLON treatment. 

Handle trauma in your clinic

In a trauma-filled world, be the therapist your clients truly need

Avoid the dramas!

Learn the 12 core concepts that will transform your communication

Bodywork to discharge Trauma

Top quality Touch. The latest neuroscience and trauma-informed practices. Life-changing treatments.

THE book on zero-strain Massage

Get your copy of this seminal work - plus immediate access to the audio book.

The poetry of Bodywork

This bodywork classic is a must for every therapist and client who loves Touch

A one-day introduction to NO HANDS Massage

Dip your toe and learn what NO HANDS Massage can offer YOU 

Get the support YOU need

LIVE clinical support on the issues that matter to YOU - and a great community to boot!

Two beautifully complementary courses

Apply your NO HANDS knowledge to working with clients lying on their side, and working without kneeling

Using Touch to release Trauma

Gain the skills and the confidence to reclaim Touch as a powerful healing tool for you and your loved ones

Powerful foot work: zero-strain

Understand how to stimulate the reflexes of the feet without risk of injury to the therapist.

Give the gift of Learning - and Support

Valid for 12 months for any purchases from the NO HANDS Massage Company

The Psychology of Change Trilogy

Why do we do what we do, even when we don't want to - and what can we do about it?

Touch for Everyone - no experience required!

Gain the skills and the confidence to reclaim Touch and boost your health & wellbeing

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