Complete your 4Elements training and FLY

At Practitioner you learned how to work zero-strain and protect your career for as long as you want. You've embraced working with the table at a lower height and using your whole body to deliver beautiful soft, slow, pain-free touch. We hope you're enjoying the dance and freedom of NO HANDS Massage and we feel fairly certain that your clients will have noticed the difference too! But where do you go from here?

Well, you could stay doing what you're now doing with the skills your learned at Practitioner which will see you through the rest of your career, or you could take your NO HANDS work to the next level - Advanced Practitioner.

After the 6 days of ADVANCED Practitioner training you will

  • Know how to 'sponge' - which will change the way you deliver your touch forever
  • Be able to deliver a really powerful structural 're-set' treatment for the whole body
  • Have the skills to deliver subtle nervous system work - the other end of the spectrum from the deep structural work
  • Know how to deliver the 4ELEMENTS treatment protocols: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER and the INTEGRATION treatment
  • Be able to work with chronically depleted clients using the NO HANDS Repletion treatment 
  • Have access to our online portal where you can review digital resources relating to your course in depth any time you want, in a range of video and pdf formats
  • Have access to a whole range of Business Building materials and ideas
  • Have the option to never be on your own by joining our Association and getting access to all the support that entails

…and much more.

Hear what other students have said about the ADVANCED course

Karen Simpson

“…it just made sense.  Everything that we previously learnt (at Practitioner) all fell into place.  At first, you look at things and think I’m not really sure how this works but it does and you get hooked!  You take Massage to a whole new level which I never thought possible.  My clients are loving it!  They can’t believe how NO HANDS Massage is changing them and it’s also changing me!  I’m learning to s  l  o  w  down and move those hips!”
Karen Mae Simpson


Fiona Campbell“… it took my massage skills to a deeper level in the true sense of the meaning. It was challenging but fun and well worth the money spent. I have not had any negative feedback from clients since bringing back my learning into my clinics and I have gained regular clients for Massage that I did not have before, so all is good! Thanks.”
Fiona Campbell


…it enables me to deliver better quality and comprehensive treatments to my clients, which they keep coming back for. The energetic connection with my clients is so much more profound with NO HANDS, appreciated by them and me.
Elaine Anikey


Anne Guy“…it increased my confidence greatly. The course introduced a phenomenal amount of new concepts and strokes. The Advanced course reveals yet more exciting and tantalising dimensions of NO HANDS. When I thought it couldn’t get any better it did!”
Anne Guy


Sharon Faye“…it added a whole new dimension to my Massage. It’s a lot like buying the Christmas tree and then being able to add the lights and baubles.”
Sharon Fay

Dates 2024
Module 1: June 15th - 17th 2024
Module 2: July 13th - 15th 2024
Location: Morecambe, Lancashire

Super Early Bird: £899 available until March 30th 2024 Click to pay in monthly instalments
Early Bird: £999 available April 1st - 30th 2024
Standard price: £1499

Already completed the ADVANCED but keen to deepen your knowledge? Great! Contact the office to find out more about our "Wise Learner" rate

Pre-requisites: you must hold NO HANDS Practitioner certification and have insurance to practice in place to attend this course

All prices include VAT at 20%

1 Module

Upcoming Dates & Locations

2024: Morecambe, Lancashire

Module 1: June 15th - 17th 2024
Module 2: July 13th - 15th 2024

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