The Psychology of Change Trilogy

To understand success, we first need to understand how and why we fail. The first book in the Trilogy, Being Human, has beautifully and succinctly summarised this knowledge and shows us how to use it to our advantage.

Discover why sometimes we feel as if our lives are being directed by an errant and wilful child...

Learn about the two most powerful urges that we all have to contend with...

Explore how these forces are continually at play in our interactions with each other...

Understand the roots of our self sabotaging behaviour, the reason for conflict and the cause of so many of life's frustrations.

In this book, Gerry Pyves shares the knowledge and insight that he has built up through more than twenty five years of helping people transform their lives as a teacher, Massage therapist and Psychotherapist. This is an entertaining, readable and highly practical approach to understanding just what it means to be human. It seeks to answer that most fundamental of questions:

Why do we all do what we do, even when we don't want to?

Having established the basic tenets of being human, The Fairy Tale Phenomenon is based on one simple, yet very powerful idea:

Your life is a fairy tale. You wrote it. You can change it.

This book explains how an unconscious part of us is following a fairy tale narrative that was set at a very early age. This narrative is responsible for the "demon voices" in our heads that cause us to do what we do, even when we don't want to. If we wish to achieve greater success in life and avoid self sabotage, then we need to learn how to change this narrative.

Finally, following on from The Fairy Tale Phenomenon, Transforming Lives presents the twelve steps of The Fairy Tale Process for anyone to use for making personal change - either at home or in the treatment room.

This methodology enables you to influence specifically targeted areas of your unconscious. It is a highly informative and instructive text book on how to access the enormous power of your unconscious. The five premises upon which this system is based are all solidly rooted in the last 200 years of psychological theory and take into account the latest information coming out of both psychological and neuroscientific research.

If you have any repetitive behaviours that you wish to change, or you are struggling to manage a recent change in your circumstances, Transforming Lives could be just what you are looking for.

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