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Free Resources for Touch and Bodywork Professionals

However you use Touch in your professional work, these resources are for you! New resources being added weekly, already including:

  • What is the Healing Synergy?
  • The injury pandemic in the Massage profession - and recognising the signs
  • Tips on how to choose a zero-strain Massage training

And much more...do check it out

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Neuroscience of Touch (8-part course)

The most recent discoveries of neuroscience are changing the therapeutic landscape. For the first time in centuries, we are uncovering a unified theory of healing.  It is now clear that touch is the unifying element. This has massive and immediate implications for all therapists and healthcare providers.
Gerry Pyves
MA (Oxon), PGCE (Man), Dip T.M. (CHM), CTA (UKATA), PTSTA (EATA)

Discover a new and integrated future for therapy in the 21st Century with this unified theory of healing. A future that uses psychologically informed touch to engage all the natural resources of the human mind and body to reclaim our innate capacity for homeostasis.

For Bodyworkers this series will transform your understanding of Bodywork and help your clients release tensions that may have been held for decades.  

For Complementary Therapists this series will both inform and empower your existing work as well as expand the range of treatments you can offer clients. 

For Coaches, Counsellors and Psychotherapists this series will open up new vistas and provide you with new tools to help your clients deal with the crippling effects of past trauma

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NeuroTouch Knowledge (free to access)

Free access to a totally new view on Health & Healing

Reclaim power over your wellbeing - and understand the "why" behind how you can do this. Explore the role trauma plays in chronic and "unexplainable" illnesses - as well as even every-day complaints. This information is vital for every human on the planet. Check it out now!

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Polyvagal Theory Made Simple - for Massage Therapists

Welcome to this great webinar, !

This 20 minute introduction to Dr Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory gets you fully up to date on this incredibly important theory - and what it means for you in your Massage practice.

Want more? Check out the live Massage for Trauma training 

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Polyvagal Theory Made Simple - for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

Get yourself up to speed on Dr Stephen Porges' breakthrough Polyvagal Theory. 

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