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You've done the training. You're doing your best with marketing. But STILL you're struggling to get clients. Or maybe you're struggling to get the clients you really want to be working with.  Maybe you've got too many clients and are worried about getting burnt out, or sessions are becoming a drag rather than a joy.

Whatever your situation, this is an opportunity to reflect on where you're at - and get some support. The call will be taking place on Monday, November 27th at 7pm GMT.

You don't need to find all the answers on your own! Even if you don't know exactly what is stopping you, come along to listen in: hearing what others are going through is often really valuable to help get clarity yourself. And sometimes even some solutions almost as soon as you realise what's going on!

This is a free training offered by us over at NO HANDS Massage - simply get registered using the green button and we'll see you on November 27th at 7pm (GMT).

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