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The NO HANDS Detox BoxThis product is a highly effective four week Detox programme that contains three things:

Firstly, it contains a massive glass ball which means you can give your colon and belly a serious daily ‘work out’.

Secondly, it contains a skin brush with which to ‘awaken’ your body’s largest organ of elimination – the skin.

Thirdly, it contains a 32- page booklet entitled “Your Colon Is For Life”. This contains photographic guidance on how to give yourself a colon Massage and how to brush your skin. It also has a section on natural ways to trigger your body’s own natural detoxification reflex naturally. This involves some simple lifestyle, dietary and supplement information.

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Scroll down for the experiences of a variety of very happy Detox Box users...



The experiences of DETOX BOX users show clearly that this system works WITH the body, so that everyone experiences some similar reactions (more energy, cleaner, healthier, better eating etc..) but each person doing it also gets something slightly unique, based on what each of us actually needed. Here are just four benefits that I  we have all been impressed by:

1. MORE IN TOUCH WITH BODY: Whether it is losing damaging addictions or simply wanting to eat more wisely and better. Using THE DETOX BOX enabled each of us to notice far more easily just what our bodies did and didn’t want.

2. DIFFERENT LEVELS OF DETOX: Detox can happen at so many different levels: Physical, Emotional, Energetic, Mental and Spiritual. Actually most of us experienced benefits across all five levels. Some of us experienced quite dramatic transformations in one particular area.

3. LOOKING GOOD: On the first course after our trainers had done THE DETOX BOX they were amazed at how many students commented on the health of their skin, their health in general and how glowing they all looked.

4. UNCOVERS ‘HIDDEN’ ALLERGIES: Many of us have become aware that some foods actually cause a dramatic reaction in the form of cramps and bloating to tiredness and nausea. This has led us to speculate that once the everyday toxins are removed for four weeks, it is possible to notice much more easily what our bodies are intolerant to. This means that after Detox, it is wise to reintroduce items that you removed one by one.

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The Philosophy of THE DETOX BOX

Central to any detoxification regime is the health of your colon. In fact getting your colon back to health is the most natural detoxification approach possible. This not only helps trigger your detoxification but also ensures your colon stays healthy afterwards. Many writers associate health and longevity with a healthy colon. This emphasis on the health of your colon is what makes THE DETOX BOX such a unique approach to detoxification. Simply washing out the toxins in your colon or pushing them through with psyllium husk and bentonite clay, or stimulating the liver with herbs does not solve the essential CAUSE of most toxicity: a poorly functioning colon. This is why the 32-page booklet is entitled: "Your Colon is For Life".

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A NATURAL APPROACH: By using THE DETOX BOX you are not disturbing the delicate eco-system of your guts, but building up the muscular HASTRUM that enables your colon to function properly and eliminate toxins more naturally. When this is combined with SKIN BRUSHING and the simple removal of some of the most common TOXIC STRESSORS in modern day diets as outlined in the booklet. You have the perfect system with which to trigger your body's own natural detoxification reflex.

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THE SIMPLE TRUTH: Is that your body is detoxifying all the time - there is no need for invasive therapies. You simply trigger this natural reflex by removing the most common toxins from your diet for four weeks, skin brushing and giving your colon a daily work out with the glass ball. Without the workload of clearing new toxins, your body naturally starts to remove 'past' toxins. Initially this means your body removes the 'fluid toxins' that are floating around in your blood and lymph. Then it then starts to remove toxins from your muscles - which have excellent circulation. After a few days it then starts to work on any toxins stored in your fatty tissue and organs. However, because this system is so natural, each person goes through it in a slightly different way - because we are all different. Your body has the wisdom to do it in the right way for you. You need only read the testimonials to see just how different each person is!

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WORKING WITH THE BODY: This process works WITH the body in a non-invasive way. It is very gentle. It will slowly build up the health of your colon through following the self massage instructions. DAILY SKIN BRUSHING will not only send a clear message to your body about what you are doing but can also improve the softness and appearance of your skin. The simple removal of well known toxins for one month will enable your body to start eliminating anything it does not need. This is why it is not only toxins that leave the body but also EXCESS WEIGHT. There is no need to starve or fast - just the simple replacement of certain foods with others less toxic foods for four weeks.

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REGENERATION: The incredible ability of the muscle that lines the colon (the Hastrum) to rebuild and regenerate itself and literally ‘pull’ the colon back into its proper shape and condition lies at the heart of this system. This was discovered by Gerry Pyves with his powerful NO HANDS Colon treatment. If you combine your use of THE DETOX BOX with regular NO HANDS Colon Treatments, you and your practitioner will notice the dramatic changes to your colon very quickly.

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TRUE STORIES: Following his own trials on himself, Gerry then went and asked his NO HANDS family to try it. He started with his trainers - who thousands of Massage therapists know well; he was not interested in the so called 'testimonials' of people you cannot actually find and verify. You can find many of these people on our Find a Practitioner page.


The way to make the most of THE DETOX BOX is to combine the box itself with regular NO HANDS Detox Treatments from your local NO HANDS Massage Advanced practitioner.

Offered by our advanced practitioners, the NO HANDS Detox Treatment combines working specific reflex points in your feet with the deep and powerful NO HANDS Colon treatment. This stimulates your body’s own natural instinct to de-toxify and cleanse itself and used alongside THE DETOX BOX gives an additional potency to the natural detox your body will be going through.




In the 11 days I have been doing THE DETOX BOX, I have not felt hungry at all, not binged (more importantly) and although there have been 3 occasions where I really wanted a glass of wine I have had nothing. My sleep has improved beyond belief and I go to sleep within minutes.

I feel so much better now already and am thinking beyond it - I feel able to seriously get my body (and life) back in the driving seat.

Over the past 10 years things have slipped down hill (slowly but surely) - I have had no motivation with the house which has become very cluttered up and felt at times that I was 'just plodding along'. I also felt like 'this size karen' was here to stay but I really think I CAN become the 'more athletic smaller version' now!

I have more motivation and today I am re vamping my cluttered treatment room and getting rid of a load of clutter which I have hoarded and seldom use.

So, you see it's not just about the food is it? A zest for life (my mojo) IS BACK :))

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BLOOD SUGAR: "The regulation of my blood sugar levels was the most noticeable aspect for me."

ADDICTION: "I had quite an extreme sugar craving – to the extent that I would just stand and stare at the sweet section of supermarkets for ages and then purchase armfuls which I would eat in one go! Doing THE DETOX BOX has enabled me to stop this sugar craving."

WEIGHT LOSS: "I have lost over a stone “without trying to”. My colon now moves much more regularly, with easier and softer stools."

UNDERLYING INTOLERANCE: "I discovered that I no longer tolerate wheat and do not even want to eat cheese. Overall, I feel much cleaner inside and am learning to listen more to what my body wants when it comes to food."

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ENERGY: " My energy levels have improved dramatically as a result of THE DETOX BOX. I feel ‘cleaner and purer’ in my body. I no longer feel 'bogged down'.

SPORTS PERFORMANCE: " Even whilst doing THE DETOX BOX I was not so fatigued either during squash or hockey and that I recovered better and quicker after games and training sessions. I was more alert during games. Strangely I did less training than normal but feel a lot fitter!"

UNDERLYING INTOLERANCE: "I experienced stomach cramping when I re-introduced wheat into my diet and so am avoiding that. I feel much more connected to my body and am enjoying discovering what my body doesn't like.

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ENERGY: "I experienced an increased level of vitality and energy. I feel better all round, refreshed and ‘lighter’."

CREATIVITY: "I now enjoy being much more creative with different and new combinations of food. I have a much more varied diet with a lot more fresh food and more colour. I am more in touch with what my body really wants to eat."

MENTAL DETOX: "I feel a lot cleaner inside my head – as though I have got rid of a lot of ‘stuff’. Doing THE DETOX BOXhas actually helped me realise s I have some serious issues around food, issues I am now dealing with. Part of this is to do with giving up smoking 11 years ago!"

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CONNECTION: "My benefit was how good I feel ‘in myself’ as a result of the daily self massage and skin brushing. I believe that this helps to keep me grounded and more connected with my body. As a result I have continued with this aspect since the four weeks finished. Other than this I can't say I went through any great 'detox'"

NOTE: This is an interesting case - and possibly the most important. As a vegan she has deliberately chosen a diet low in processed foods for many years (and doesn't drink alcohol or smoke) and noticed very little change during the four weeks! This suggests that THE DETOX BOX really only works where it is actually needed. In other words, if you are not carrying toxins in your body you will not be following an invasive system that 'forces' your body into an unnatural and unneeded detox!

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ADDICTION: "I had given up smoking many years ago and replaced it with a glass of wine every evening. THE DETOX BOX enabled me to not only give up my addiction to wine, but also to complete the last bit of my smoking addiction."

DETOX: "I admit that I was quite toxic and therefore I had a very strong physical reaction as my body threw them off. I was mentally fine with this – however some of my compassionate NO HANDS colleagues did give me the nickname of 'Toxic Tess' for a while!"

WEIGHT: "I also lost a significant amount of weight, but did not measure it, except being able to drop two dress sizes and have students continually telling me I looked amazing!"

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FLUCTUATING SUGAR LEVELS: "I used to get very shaky very easily if I went for more than a couple of hours without food and so I scoffed at anything to do with detoxification or diets. However, now I can comfortably go for 3-4 hours without shaking or panicking about food. My sugar levels feel much more balanced and I am no longer going for sugar as comfort food. I was surprised that I didn’t even need to replace my sugar cravings – I have simply broken the habit; I am not chasing ‘Carbo fixes’ anymore. I now eat correctly because I want to."

EMOTIONS: "I actually had quite an emotional detox. After a while I started to prioritise me and am now doing more stuff in my life that I enjoy; ‘homey’ stuff – I even started cross stitch again, one of my hobbies. I notice that I am taking more care of myself."

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MOOD: "I was feeling depressed, angry and irritable before starting THE DETOX BOX and I was also tired and sleeping all the time. I also had achey joints and a general feeling of ‘not being right’. My mood became suddenly much brighter and I felt happier after about 5 days."

ADDICTION: "After about 10 days I realised I had no sugar cravings at all and my sugar levels were nice and even throughout the day - to the point where I could once again go without food for 4-5 hours quite comfortably."

UNDERLYING INTOLERANCE: "I Found that I had a dairy intolerance because all of my stomach pains and cramping and lower back ache disappeared when using THE DETOX BOX but returned with a vengeance when I reintroduced dairy! Now I have removed dairy I have no problems."

WEIGHT: "I didn’t measure this, but am now getting into dresses that I have not been able to wear for four years and I must buy new jeans as my exisitng ones are all baggy now - brilliant!"

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ENERGY. "For myself, I was very stuck and experiencing an uncharacteristic amount of mental negativity before I did THE DETOX BOX. After the first 3 days of exhaustion, my whole energy changed and I found myself being many times more productive."

BLOOD PRESSURE. "Prior to this, I had been concerned about high blood pressure - on three separate occasions it had been 150 over 100. Recently, my doctor took it three times (when I went for a foot problem), because he couldn't understand how it was down to 124 over 84!"

ADDICTIONS. "I had allowed myself to become addicted to CRISPS and CHIPS, to the point where I found it hard to drive past a co-op or chippy on my way home from work without giving myself ‘a little treat’. I was putting on a lot of weight as a result. I no longer have this addiction and actually feel repulsed by all that fatty food, now."

WEIGHT: "Not surprisingly, I have lost over 18lbs and it continues to fall off me – very slowly and naturally. This makes me certain that I will not just ‘pile it back on. My bowel movements are so good and smooth that I have lost a great deal of my toilet reading time!"

UNDERLYING INTOLERANCE: "My body reacted very badly when I re-introduced dairy so I am avoiding that for good! Now, I actually prefer to eat fresh ‘live’ foods and I find myself selecting what to eat on the basis of what will feel good 2-4 hours after the meal, not what I think feels good now. Everyone I meet tells me how healthy I am looking."

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