The Update Day

TLDR: A fun & informative day for NO HANDS Practitioners and above to learn the latest updates to THREE core strokes (Octopus, Reverse Sponging, Leg Squash) AND how to work effectively and safely from the Stool

First there was COVID. Then there was getting your business up and running again after COVID. Then there was the Cost of Living Crisis. All of which made it very easy to put off getting your Support, your Connection.

But now: there's the Update Day!

  • Get up to speed with the exciting developments - both for you AND your clients - with three powerful strokes: Leg Squash, Octopus & Reverse Sponging.
  • Get some top quality Touch (we may all aspire to get regular treatments, but we know for many of you it's VERY tough to make that a reality!) 
  • Get to reconnect, in person, in the flesh, breathing the same air, with other therapists as passionate about Touch & NO HANDS as you are.
  • Get to explore the joys of the Stool.
  • Get to return to your clinic renewed, re-inspired and re-energized. 

Get to do all of this in just one day

You must have completed the NO HANDS PRACTITIONER training. 
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Saturday October 14th 2023 Reading
Saturday November 11th 2023 Morecambe

Price £249

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