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  • Polyvagal Theory Made Simple
    Get up to speed on this cutting-edge theory for healing and gain practical insights into how to apply this knowledge clinically

" I finished the Polyvagal Theory webinar and it was fantastic! I was familiar with Polyvagal theory, but had a hard time seeing potential applications for clinical practice. You were able to clearly and concisely explain the theory and illuminate practical applications."
Flo Arnold, USA

  • Avoiding Injury - Knowledge is Power
    Injury and exhaustion are the biggest threat to your clinical success. Learn the 7 stages of injury and how to protect yourself

  • The Healing Synergy
    A sustainable practice can only exist when treatments benefit both client & therapist. Explore this new paradigm in healing

  • The Window of Tolerance
    Healing is only effective when the client's nervous system is in the right state. Understanding the concept of the Window of Tolerance means you can support your clients in getting to this place of healing

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4 Modules

Polyvagal Theory Made Simple

Get fully up to date on this incredibly important theory - and what it means for you in your Massage practice.

Avoiding Injury - Knowledge is Power

Avoiding injury and staying fighting fit is key to every Massage practitioner’s career. This series provides vital information for every Massage and Bodywork professional.


The Healing Synergy

Learn the paradigm of the Healing Synergy where both client and therapist are improving their health and wellbeing together

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